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The new Software Application called KYCBEE from ISANDO GROUP has been lauded during the recent Beta-Testing presentation from the audience present. The App is made by ISANDO Technologies, who have been in the software industry for a long time, under a different name though. Their specialty has always been creating and designing industry and business specific applications. This time they have focused on the consulting and financial business and thus hit the mark in the black.

There are many great things within the application which will surely lead to its popularity. The biggest factor is the appearance and usability of the software; it disrupts software design clichés without being unprofessional. A wider choice of  possible settings accordings to specific needs are also being appreciated by many companies. The Software Application is expected to be accepted by the market, as many companies have expressed an interest in using the Software Suite accordingly. The creators of the Software are happy with the response and have vowed to create further Add-ons exploring the same concepts shortly.

The Software will be available in various versions from End of October 2018.

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