Cyber Security Audits

An excellent Cyber Security Audit is necessary for any company to be sound and safe. Our IT Security Audit services ensure that there is no mistake or wrongdoing in your company’s network undetected. Some companies have the mistaken idea that audits are only necessary when malicious wrongdoings occur in the data. Thus any company that is large enough needs to have outside audit and assurance done:

  • Routers – 
  • IDS/IPS – 
  • Firewalls – 

reliable & safe

Up-to-Date Dashboard

Through the use of an automated monitoring and risk management system, a client’s account is always up-to-date.

Segregated Accounts

Client’s monitoring accounts are segregated accounts with top-level protection.

Extreme Transparency Policy

Our Extreme Transparency Policy ensures that the client receives a transparent price feed, transparent liquidity, transparent historical data, transparent market information at all times.

EUR 124.890.000 Protected

We believe the total value of all of the client’s protected assets combined (net asset position) exceeds 124.890.000 €.

Why Businesses & SME choose us

No Dealing Desk

With DIGITELLIGENCE you’ll get no re-quotes in case of incidents and fair monitoring.

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Onside & Cloud

Receive premium support in the cloud and on premises by Cyber Security IT-Experts.

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State of the Art

We deliver one of the best Monitoring Platforms to your desktop or mobile device.

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Strategy development

Range of sectors and industries

Tax & Legal

Our Monitoring Systems are designed to prevent the lost of sensitive data.

Financial Sector

Securing your systems against snooping into client’s data is key.


Take advantage of our advanced platforms and transparency policy to protect industry knowledge.


Coming soon.

Security Audits on the go!