Looking for outstanding Investments in Technology?


To create a powerful and safe Investment Environment for our clients and to address Sustainability, sound knowledge of each and every project is mandatory to sidestep an unnecessary backlash. ISANDO GROUP ensures just that.


To gain clarity, each and every Investment or Investment Idea has to survive our rigorous assessment process, based on sophisticated methods and evaluations. Making sure, that we keep our Investments manageable and under control.


Undertaking Investments in Software and New Technologies without having a clear Investment Strategy does not make sense as Assets are probably not protected and at risk. We at ISANDO GROUP have a proven and successful Strategy Planning, enabling us to address this issue.

Purposeful Approach to Technology Investments

A sustainable Investment Strategy, clever Investment Planning and powerful Controls on the go after Implementation of any new Participation or Development. This is how we achieve the utmost Protection against Losses.

Proven Cyber Security Skills.Infinite possibilities. Endless opportunities.

Our Scope of Investments

Cyber Security Solutions

Cyber attacks are skyrocketing. And even more threatening than the sheer volume of attacks is their increasing quality and complexity of methods used by Cyber Criminals. However, there’s much a user can do. Call us to find a solution to suit your needs.

Strategic Risk Planning

Cyber Security Threats continue to be a major issue for both SME’s and businesses. The question is not if an attack will happen rather then when it will be. Hence, IT-Risk Planning is a must. Speak to us to improve your existing strategy or to introduce new IT-Risk Standards.

Backup & Recovery

Our team has a proven track record with regard to Backup & Recovery solutions and supports a variety of business sectors. With many years of experience, you can’t go wrong. Whether retail, financial services or craft. Do you want to improve your existing IT-infrastructure and the way how you deal with Backups? No problem, just talk to us about your ideas.

Software Developments

Generally, Software and APP engineering follows a structured approach to the design, development, and maintenance of software. Are you looking to create a new software application or do you need some improvements of existing software? Get a quote. We cover a wide range of computer programming languages.

Database Engineering

Our team has vast experience in developments of flawless database structures to support a variety of business sectors, whether trade, craft or financial services. Do you want to improve your existing database structure or create a new, sophisticated database? No problem, just speak to us about your needs.

APP Developments

Generally, Software and APP engineering follows a structured approach to the design, development, and maintenance of software. Are you looking to create a new APP or do you need some improvements of an existing APP? Get your bespoke quote. We cover both IOS and Android developments.

Network Solutions

Doing what`s possible to protect your IT-network against ever increasing Cyber Threats. Preparing your Network will lead to increased Cyber Security Prevention. We cover the full range of network infrastructure including Firewalls (Hard- Software) from all major brands. Get in touch to see how we can improve your IT-Systems.

24/7 System Monitoring

Cybersecurity Threats continue to be a major issue for both businesses and individuals. With an uncounted number of incoming cyber-attacks every day, it is good that we are able to monitor your IT-systems remotely with full access via Dashboard. Speak to us to find out more about our options.

Behavioral Monitoring

Prevention of Cyber Security Threats is a major issue for businesses and SMEs with reported 1.500,000+ incoming cyber-attacks every day. These Attacks are often caused by Employees (sloppy BYOD-Policies). Monitoring is key so call us to see what we can achieve together.

Cyber Security Audit

As Cyber Security Awareness continues to be a major topic for smaller businesses and larger SME’s, enhanced and up-to-date Network Security is key to avoid costly data breaches, leading to reputational damage. Ongoing Cyber Security Audits may prevent negative events.

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